Steel Construction

Panels have a CERAM-A-Star® finish that offers superior resistance to ultraviolet radiation, resulting in excellent color retention and resistance to checking. They resist peeling and chalking, while withstanding prolonged exposure to the elements. They come in a variety of colors: Crimson Red, Polar White, Blue, Colony Green, Light Stone, Emerald Green, Gold, Rustic Red, Charcoal Gray, Harbor Blue, Beige, Fern Green, Gray, Slate, Tan, Cocoa.

Trim is custom made for the each building ordered. The customer may choose any color from list above.

Framing consist of a Rigid frame or Light frame depending on location and design of building.

Doors are classified as entry and roll-up. Roll-up doors come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 8'x8' to 20'-16', depending on the needs of the customer and height of structure. Entry doors come in either the standard 36" or 42" sizes and can be placed in just about any location on structure. All buildings have a standard 36" door with hardware.

Windows are available in many sizes that can be order with building.

Roof Vents can be low-profile or round (vents are either white or Gavalume only)

Insulation is a 3" Poly Scrim Kraft that can be order for whole building or roof only.

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CERAM-A-Star® trademark of Akzo Nobel Coatings